Our products embody patented technology to project real three-dimensional color images into the air.

These are real holograms, not just stereoscopic images: you don't need special glasses and you don't have to stay in the "sweet spot". You can look left/right and up/down around the image, and it remains stable, undistorted, and with the correct colors from varying distances and viewpoints, even if you turn your head sideways! Still versions look like three-dimensional posters. Motion versions play short clips or loops.

We use a robust self-contained backlight, and generate content directly from popular animation and modeling programs. Fresh images are printed on flexible film and delivered to customer locations just like a conventional translite or Duratrans film, and with our special backlight they project as true holograms.

Advertisers can add these exciting new attention-catchers to their media mix quickly, reliably, and cost effectively. The self-contained backlight means no special site prep, lighting requirements, or installation worries, and it operates without supervision. It needs just a regular 120 Volt outlet and draws under 150 Watts of electrical power. The images, still or motion, can be updated or replaced as easily as switching out a Duratrans.

Content creators can design and preview true holographic ads in familiar market-leading animation and modeling environments such as Maya, Softimage, Cinema 4D, Blender, and 3ds Max. Generate fresh content to exploit this new medium, or repurpose existing 3D content. Work in full HD resolution and color, add spatialized sound tracks and effects, achieve accurate matching for your clients; branded content, and leverage your design skills into a new world of true three-dimensional content.

Manufacturers of displays, exhibits, kiosks, and vending systems can incorporate our backlight technology as an OEM component or kit of parts, and custom sizes and configurations can be provided for your requirements.

All product specifications on this site are preliminary. Please contact us if your needs haven&'t been addressed — we're keen to provide the specific products, services, configurations, and tools you need.