Hotels, Casinos, Bars, Restaurants

Holorad is focused on indoor venues in the hospitality industry, one of the fastest growing categories of the entire dynamic signage market. iSuppli projects worldwide revenues for signage and professional displays in the hospitality sector at $7.5B in 2011. Holorad is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this growth. Holorad&'s primary targets in this category include high-end hotel chains, casinos, bars and nightclubs, and restaurants. For example, there are over 725 casinos in the U.S. (IBIS World, U.S. Industry Reports # 71321 and # 72112). Casino owners have long been at the forefront in the use of signage to attract patrons into their lobbies, shops, restaurants, and gaming rooms. They desire cutting-edge advertising that will make guests say “wow”, engage them in the message, and then take action. Backlit posters (translites) and LCD/plasma screens are common throughout any large casino property, but most customers walk right by without noticing the message. Major casino owners have recognized that our products represent the next stage in the evolution of signage, and they will be among the early adopters of this new technology.