Malls, Department Stores, Boutique Shops

The retail category represents one of the most significant market opportunities for Holorad. iSuppli projects the worldwide market for signage and professional displays in retailing at $2.6B in 2011. Holorad is positioned to take advantage of this growth as retailers discover they can build in-store customer excitement and create loyalty through the use of our holographic ads. We anticipate that the largest segments for Holorad's products in the retail category will be large shopping malls and department stores, and boutique and specialty shops. For example, there are approximately 4,000 shopping malls in the U.S. alone ( Holorad is initially focusing on indoor shopping malls where a wide variety of dynamic signage can be deployed to influence purchase decisions. A popular revenue generating model for mall owners is to sell ad-space to their tenant store owners, who then use this space to promote their brands and products and to attract customers. Holorad's products are the next step in the evolution of dynamic signage.