Dynamic Signage Advertisements

Our products are static and dynamic holographic ads on film, produced from 3D animation software.

The casual observer will engage with images of your product, service, or brand floating in 3D space. Consumers will reach into your advertisement and smile and laugh as they dwell on your message. Interactive holographic signage will create point-of-purchase and point-of-sale experiences resulting in sales uplift, and a memorable state-of-the-art impression of your business.

Consumer Products

Our 3D holograms are available for use in products like toys, electronics, appliances, and novelty displays. Make your products stand out with 3D logos, animated characters, and scenes that capture the interest and imagination of your customers.

Replaceable Content

Ad films are easily changed to promote a new product or service, and for daily or seasonal messages.

Hologram on film are available with full color, high resolution, static and animated images that project out into true three dimensional space. Our images are not just a projection of a flat image or a stereo pair: they are truly volumetric, meaning they have depth which invites the consumer to reach right into them and experience images of light that are really there.

3D Displays

Holorad’s images are projected from displays in a variety of sizes and configurations. Cost effective modular components allow for easy integration into existing displays and use in environments such as kiosks, translites, vending machines, and trade show exhibits.

Content Creation/Conversion

We’ll create true 3D holograms of logos, text, and computer animated “characters” and scenes from 3D modeling software like Maya, Cinema 4D, or 3ds Max. We can work with you or your existing agency to create a compelling 3D holographic advertising campaign.