Holorad is a privately-held LLC located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We were founded in 2005 to commercialize highly-accurate holograms for medical imaging. We have recently developed a unique proprietary platform for color and motion holography targeted specifically at entertainment and advertising applications.

The Holorad team has extensive experience in business development, holographic imaging, and product development. Our consultants bring many years of experience in advertising and entertainment, computer animation and rendering, software development, and intellectual property protection.


Our core technologies are patented. We have an operational production facility, and are well equipped for research and development. We have used this capability to develop patent-pending color, deep, still, and full-motion holographic techniques. We have developed prototypes and new technology for:

  • Accurate full-color holograms.
  • Back-lit deep projection holograms.
  • Short-duration holographic motion loops.
  • Holograms made from computer data, including logos and animated characters.
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