Partners and Customers

Holorad is seeking partners and customers in the following areas. Please contact us for more information.

  • Entertainment/Retail/Hospitality leaders
  • Content designers/distributors
  • Key brands, especially at the "technology/fashion/lifestyle" intersection
  • Ad agencies and production houses
  • Kiosk/Vending/Exhibit manufacturers

Revenue Models

  • Recurring revenue from replaceable ads — Our holographic ads are field-replaceable. Content can be changed-out periodically for new products/promotions/events and seasonal changes.
  • Capital equipment sales and leasing — Displays can be purchased outright as capital equipment, or can be leased, lease/purchased, or rented.
  • Holographic content design/licensing — As a new medium, holography benefits from special techniques and skills. We are interested in hearing from experienced 3D content designers and creators.
  • Ad-space revenue sharing — Mall owners can own displays outright or in partnership with Holorad, and can charge advertising clients to rent ad space.
  • Technology licensing — We are interested in partnerships and licensing deals with entertainment companies, advertising agencies and channels, and hardware partners such as kiosk, vending, and exhibit manufacturers to help get our products to market more rapidly and on a larger scale.