Theaters, Theme Parks, Sports Venues

The opportunity for Holorad's products in the entertainment field are large and varied. Movie theaters, arenas, stadiums, concert halls, theme parks, playhouses, and other high-traffic venues are all prime locations for holographic advertising. Promoters in this category are on the cutting edge of creative entertainment content, and use the latest state-of-the-art advertising techniques to entice and stimulate their customers. Initially Holorad is focused on movie theaters, where backlit posters and translites are commonly used to promote current and future movies. In the U.S. alone there are over 4,600 movie theater sites with over 38,000 screens (IBIS World, U.S. Industry Report # 51213). Theater circuit owners use or sell ad-space on displays installed on their property. Holorad will provide new content on a revolving weekly or monthly basis. Holographic ads will be particularly valuable in promoting 3D movies, both at the movie theater and at DVD and Blu-ray sales and rental locations. "Time warping" is very important in theme parks and sports venues, which can use holographic signs to entertain guests while they wait in line.